Dr. Sri Sundaram

“Empower Medical Devices (EMD) makes it easy for physicians to develop new medical devices and tools.   EMD was created to help physicians bring their ideas to market.  The company is a one stop shop that can assist you with patenting your idea, fully developing your product, obtaining FDA approval, manufacturing, marketing and selling your product.  EMD has the expertise to assist you with all aspects you’ll need – from an idea on paper to seeing your product in use. Rather than going to multiple businesses, you can go to one place to make your idea happen.  As a physician, I understand the busy life you live.  Why go to multiple places when you can make one phone call to EMD to make your ideas happen.”

Dr. Sri Sundaram
Cardiac Electrophysiologist

8964 Little Mountain, Road Mentor, OH 44060

Phone: 317-690-0764