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The Most Important Stage...
The Beginning

Planning is the most exhaustive, and perhaps the most important, stage of Empower Medical Devices’ product development process. The success rate of new product launches dictates that we prepare heavily and do our homework thoroughly. So, Empower Medical Devices covers a broad spectrum in advance of the Design and Development stage.

The first thing we do is sign NDAs to protect your interest and rights to the product idea. Following that, we define the product concept. We conduct research to determine if any like products may already be on the market. We seek out related products to understand their marketability. We help to augment the product concept, if needed. Ultimately, we validate the concept and move forward.

If the concept is solid and validated, we provide you with compensation options and a related business structure. Choose either an royalty-based partnership or an equity-based partnership with Empower Medical Devices. In either case, your Intellectual Property rights are always protected. The product idea remains with you, no matter what.

Next, we explore market demand, other available products and generic forms of competition. We evaluate the market for adoption and potential sales.

Finally, we identify potential production costs and arrive at the total investment required. Empower Medical Devices has quick access to capital, and can make fast decisions to make the investment needed.

Take a look at our Planning Process in a little more detail:

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