Mri Scan Machine

The Future of Medical Imaging

The World Health Organization states medical imaging equipment is the most crucial tool doctors, nurses and other medical staff use to help patients. This wide variety of equipment, including MRI scanners, CT scanners, PET scanners, and X-ray machines, assists in…

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Empower Medical Devices Video

View our 2½ minute introduction video to Empower Medical Devices, which explains how to bring your new medical device idea to life and how we can support you.  The video discusses: How to proceed with a medical device idea Importance…

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Clean Empty Bed In A Hospital patient Bed In Hospitalempty Hos

Trends in Medical Patient Handling Equipment

These days, medical technology is providing a level of care, support, and disease prevention not imagined even just a few years ago. The diagnoses of conditions such as strokes and even dementia now come with some hope of improved functionality…

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