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Capital Infusion

Investment Capital to Support from Medical Device Investors

Empower Medical Devices has immediate access to investment capital to support medical device projects that pass our Stage-Gate process and criteria.

Since Empower Medical Devices fully funds the product development project, investment capital is often required to purchase new capital equipment, raw materials, and cover certain expenses. For example, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting one of our plants with certain machinery to produce one of our partner’s medical inventions.

With our strong background and experience in engineering and manufacturing, identifying equipment and material needs is second nature to Empower Medical Devices. Our contract manufacturing experience has taught us how to efficiently plan and execute changeovers in production, which includes procurement of material and equipment to ramp up production when needed.

Our simplified management structure and immediate access to funds allow us to make FAST decisions to invest. Our experience provides the know-how to become production ready in a timely manner. We move quickly!

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